Lucas Jeff


Lucas Jeff

Soccer Star

Breaking News!   Lucas has taken his game & his family to the West Coast!   Yes, Lucas has moved to NorCal and is currently starring as a 3rd grader in Bay Area and a striking midfielder with Stanford Soccer Club!


Lucas and family continue to explore new things, and play all the time, but you can usually find me outside running fast, scoring goals, and playing the best defense ever!    Send me a note if you want to see more highlights:






Lucas - About Me! 


A future pro, he offers guidance and highlights of speed and skills daily in practice.

My Team



3v3 Champions!

Wild Hogs Win 3v3 Regional!

The AR Wild Hogs continued to dominate with a mercy rule victory in the finals of the Regionals in July.   It was the 5th straight championship for the team and capped an almost undefeated summer of 2014!

Daddy "Do Everything"  

An All-American at MS State, today he helps teach  the finer points of the game.



Those That Know Me Know I Love this Game AND HELP MY TEAM DOMINATE and WIN MEDALS!


Whether it is playing tough defense, controlling the middle, or booting home the winning goal - this has been a summer of soccer for me and my Lightning teammates.


It was tough to leave my All Star team of Blake S, Blake C, Lucas T, and Jonas, but I know they will continue to do great things and win championships across the  South.   Can't wait until the Dec when I will see them again for the National Champtionships!

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